Tips Prevent Rust on The Right Car Body

Rust or Corrosion is the brittle process of iron particles to be porous. Corrosion is a natural process that we can not avoid. This can only be prevented and we process the process. Extreme weather from rain and solar heat are one of the factors causing corrosion.


Water that contains elements of salt and iron is very influential to make your car body corrosion. This corrosion process takes a relatively long time. It depends on care and how we understand how to prevent carat rust. The body of the car serves to protect us from the sun and rain. The car body is also the first safety rider of the impact hazard. There are some tips to prevent the body of our car does not quickly rust.

Before we know Tips to Prevent Rust on the Right Car Body. As for the cause of rust in general:

  • Extreme humidity or when humidity is above the freezing point.
  • Wet conditions of some parts in a long time.
  • Elements of Salt, and Chemicals. (Rainwater, Blowing seawater and Industrial pollution that can accelerate the occurrence of corrosion on the car)
  • The high temperature for long and continuous also become one of a cause of corrosion process.

Tips Prevent Rust on the Right Car Body

Routine Vehicle Wash

The easiest and correct way is always to keep the car clean by washing or cleaning it regularly and on time. Washing is also not arbitrary, some people make mistakes while washing the car. Use quality custom shampoo. So as not to damage the car body paint or wash with high salinity water. Washing the car at night is also not good because at night the water used wash dry difficult. Wet air is not good for your car when it’s wet.

Keep Room Cleanliness

Cleaning the car’s interior also needs to keep your car in a clean overall state. Moisture, Dirty water may also be mud on carpet can cause rust. Keep the condition of the floor clean and dry because the dirt is very difficult to lose. The luggage that has corrosion-supporting elements should not be kept too long in the car. If you always or often carry the luggage, you should make a special place so that if spilled can easily clean it. Try to immediately clean the dirt / former spilled objects so as not to settle too long.

Fix Paint Surfaces On Car Body.

Immediately Repair paint surface on the body of the car is also very important, car paint layer also serves as the defense of your car body from the particles or objects that cause corrosion of the car. Check your car body from possible scratches or exfoliation. Because the car body that experienced such things is very easy and prone to corrosion and continues to spread throughout the surface.

Keep the Right Vehicle

And the last thing that is not less important is when we save the vehicle or park it. Never or often park a car in a moist place or with a bad air circulation. Before you store your vehicle you should make sure the Vehicle is clean and dry.

Tips to Tow Car Easily and Safely

Having a car with good performance is a pride of its own. But sometimes it cannot happen anytime and anywhere. Like for example when you travel then suddenly broke down frantically the driver and passengers. If that happens then the thing to do is the sound of a mechanic or a Crane Service. But what if it can not be called for several reasons, then the only way is to tow broke down with another vehicle.


When using a crane service can be done easily because the officers are proficient and accustomed to doing. Will be how to tow your car with another vehicle, of course, there are also some who can not. Pulling it with another vehicle should be done correctly so as not to be a problem in withdrawal. Well for those of you who are experiencing this problem, following tips towing The right strike vehicle.

How to tow The Car Broke Down Properly and Safely

Prepare Straps with Strong Materials

The first thing to do when towing The striking car is the rope equipment with strong material. This is very important because if not strong will break in the middle of the road, you can use a thick mine or rope made of steel. So it needs to be prepared in case of a rope with a strong material.

There must be another Vehicle to Tend

Next to tow Strike car needed Another car with a cheaper weight to be withdrawn. It could be lighter and easier this time.

For a place of rope crane installation in 4 different location. Some manufacturers have added hooks or hooks placed on the rear bumper or front. It is indeed necessary to overcome unexpected problems such as cars broke down. If you do not know if you can see in the car manual quite clear where the actual location.

Keep in mind when towing the car broke down, do not hold the rope on the bumper or another suspension that is vulnerable to rupture. So when installing the rope make sure. If enforced is very dangerous because it could be the loose hook in the middle of the road and very dangerous for you and other riders.

Another thing to note and be considered is the length of the drawstring. Rope wearing a length of 4 meters or can follow the size of the car body to be towed. With long ram, strap works to ease when needing bends or while doing braking.

At the time of towing Car try not to lose the rope. The purpose of this is done to keep the rope so as not to break in the middle of the road. For the recommended speed when towing a Car is 30 to 40 km/h.

Prepare the Route

Before walking after everything is installed properly, then first discuss the route or road that will be taken. It is useful to be able to walk a hole, a sharp incline and also too many deviations.

Furthermore, when towing a striking car is expected not to forget the lights are being used as a sign that is in trouble with other riders. In addition, it will make a stop.

When turning the illumination lamp sein long before cornering. It suits your car is too long and the milk is much closer to the bend for another rider surprised.

Well, the last one for the Car being towed. If there is a problem in the course of clarity of the horn as a signal on the towing Car.…

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Do Women Take Care Of Cars Like Men Do?

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PBC Classics Car Club

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