Tips for choosing women’s shoes

To choose a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes is in fact not easy to do, although when trying on shoes provided many choices by a store or shoe boutique. Because in addition to the choice on a particular model, another factor that determines is comfort. If the choice is high heels type of height, then the safety factor is also a consideration

The problem is that shoes are produced according to the general size, both for the length, width and curvature of the foot. Not to mention the design of the front of the shoe is diverse and every style can not necessarily be used comfortably although the overall shoe size is appropriate, because the shape of each woman’s toes have different characteristics and individual. How is the process of choosing, trying and buying shoes correctly so you can decide the right choice so that each of your shoes has the same chance to support your performance? The following tips will help you to more easily choose the right woman shoes:

Determine the type and model of the shoes

Make sure the type and model of the shoe, also the type of shoe material you want to buy, at least you should already have a design about your dress that can be used as a counterpart. Many women who originally wanted to buy a pair of mid-heels shoes, but when entering the shoe store suddenly feel interested to try a pair of high heels with the latest design. As a result, in addition to spending time to choose and try more shoe models, consideration to decide to buy any shoes, whether mid heels that initially became his choice or high heels the second choice is done halfheartedly.

Recognize your own toe type

Recognize and confirm how your toe tips and how much the most comfortable size of shoes match the style of the front of the shoe. Style pointed toe and style round toe, let alone square toe will have different levels of comfort despite having the same size.

As is known there are five types of female toe shape, the type of egyptian shaped like a pointed, type greek type like egyptian but not so pointy. Furthermore there are type roman, germanic and celtic, the three types of toes shape tend to be box-shaped. In principle, the convenience of the shoe user is determined by the adjustment between the shape of the toe and the style of the front of the shoe

Pay close attention to every shoe detail

Pay attention to the shoe parts especially on the inside, although from the outside the design looks perfect and the size is right with your feet, maybe on the inside there is an uneven stitching or skin connection that is not appropriate, resulting in a bulge that can interfere with comfort.

It may be a small obstacle when you try to choose the right shoe, but do not be ignored because later that “annoyance” of comfort will last as long as you wear the shoe. So eventually you become reluctant to wear it, then maybe you never wear at all. So, when trying on shoes, feel really whether there is an inside that makes your feet feel less comfortable.


Benefits of Watches

In this modern day life, watches have become an important accessory in the daily activities of everyone’s life. When technology is not as sophisticated today, wristwatches are one of the most efficient timepieces in the midst of the busy day-to-day activities. The hands of the clock have a primary function as a timepiece. However, behind the main function there are other things that make the importance of using or owning it. Especially for men, watches can be additional accessories that make the appearance more attractive.

Although now there are gadgets to show the time, still the role of watches can not be shaken. Both men and women need accessory watches to appear more presentable and elegant in public, especially by using branded watches and original watches. Let’s look at the various benefits, uses and advantages of using watches:

Timers and more

In accordance with the words above, the clock has the main function as a timepiece. But with the current technological sophistication, the clock can have a function just simply a timepiece. Completeness such as stopwatch, alarm, timmer, temperature and others can be used in watches.

Accessories support appearance

Men watches many kinds. There are analog, digital and analog and digital combined. Everything has its own advantages. Using the clock can support your appearance guys. Want to look elegant wear analog model clock or want to be seen sporty look with digital model clock.

Improve self confidence

Wearing a watch for men can support the appearance. With that confidence will be even better. The man with his watch is more attractive in the eyes of women and in the eyes of others.

More useful time

By using the clock, you will inevitably see it often. Without realizing it by itself the management of your time will be better. The benefits will be more felt but not in a short time.

Increase productivity

Now this watch has undergone many changes. What used to be just a timepiece and standard information only, now the clock is already there are smart watch models or smart watches. In it there are many features, such as synchronization with gadget devices, health gauges such as calorie burning until it can be used for phone calls.

With the many functions that exist in modern watches today, of course will increase your productivity everyday. Life becomes more fun and easy. Wear smartphones plus smart watch will certainly give satisfaction. For the price issue between regular hours with smart watch now not much different. Yes corresponding with what is obtained. Want to choose which clock or smart watch?

That’s 5 important things about watches for men. The clock has many benefits for the wearer. Maybe it can be said trivial thing. But without realizing the benefits that are behind it so big and can not be considered trivial. If you want your time more useful,