Small Business

 We often see in social media postings like Instagram an artist or a famous character wearing a particular product and offering it to their follower. Another example that just hits when President Joko Widodo wearing a bomber jacket, then in a short time many people looking for the right jacket worn by the President. This is an example of the power of attraction or the taste of people following what is being worn by the idol figure.

You can imagine if our products are used by figures with the number of fans or followers Instagram millions, in addition to get feedback from followers the character can also increase sales. All it takes is to give the character free of charge some of the best product samples for the character. He will use our products and post his photos on social media, either for free or for endorsement.

Not only that. If we ever know the quiz contest or giveaway that give the gift of a product for free with a fantastic amount. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of handing out products for free will lower revenue.

Moreover, the value of products that are used as gifts is quite large, may think better used as advertising costs. However, the disadvantages of giving products for free are not necessarily true. There are several benefits that can be obtained by distributing products for free, including as follows:

Increase Awareness

As a new product, many people who have never known or seen even use your product. By dividing product samples for free, they can use and feel directly the product. At that time they will make an assessment of the product and certainly understand the product well.

The next consumer will decide to buy our product for the first time or leave it. For that, even if only sample products, give us our best product to fall in love with the first time.

Creating Mutual Feelings

Starting a new business by dividing a free sample product is not a disadvantage. Usually there will be reciprocity when sampling the product to the consumer. If the consumer is unsuited but interested in our product, the consumer will recommend the product to others. Of course they also feel lucky to get an award of a gift product.

Get Feedback and Review

The sample product that we give to the consumer free of charge will bear good feedback for our business continuity. They will voluntarily provide feedback even we also get testimonials from the use of our products, which we can display on our website page. Not to mention if it turns out the person we give a sample is a blogger, youtuber, vlogger, or even a program.

If they can volunteer to write a review of our products, our impact is helpful to promote our products indirectly to their readers or media viewers. Respect every input to the product for the future will be better and perfect in accordance with what is needed by consumers and market. This can help increase sales.

Knowing the Potential Product

If planning to sell various kinds, then by giving product samples to the consumer, we will know the products that interest many people. Finally we can conclude and predict which products will be selling in the market later. So avoid the mistakes too much raw material for the product that was not much demand.

We can also optimize in certain products based on sampling program of the most popular product type. With the sampling program, we can create a best seller product by keeping cash flow securely and low risk.

Make Friends

Samples of products can also be given as gifts to anyone we just know. In addition to this new acquaintance who is interested in our business, giving this gift will also help bring closer friendship. It could also be when there are friends or consumers who birthday we can give him a gift of the best product. In addition to making the hearts of our friends happy and feel special, there is added value to the product and the willingness of the heart to us as a businessman.

Obtain Product Endorsement

When sending samples of special products to blog authors or selebgrams, they may be very appreciative of us. If lucky, they do not hesitate to write a review after using the sample product earlier. Often also equipped with post photos and our products in social media. Of course, fans of writers and the program will be curious about the product used by his idol. Product names are becoming more popular.

Optimize Social Media

The power of the digital world, especially social media today, should not be underestimated. Simple example simply by using hashtag # giveaway product and invite follower to spread information. In general, everything that is free is …