6 Must Have Accessories for Your Off-Road Adventure

Are you thinking about making your very first off-road driving adventure? In Australia, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re off to your favourite hiking, sightseeing or fishing spot that’s way off the beaten path, or simply taking your lovely family out for an out of the way picnic, you will need to make sure that you are fully prepared for your off-road driving adventure. Let’s check out 6 Accessories that you should make sure to have, just in case of any upsets.

  1. Training

Yes, training! If you’ve never been off-road before, you will need to have some serious driving skills. If possible, at least try to find out about a basic off-road course and what they can offer you. You will need to know the importance of safe 4-wheel driving techniques, vehicle safety, trail etiquette, and environmental awareness. Also make sure to check out 4WD accessories in Perth.

  1. Safety

Off road adventures are by nature done in hostile environments, so the least you can expect are some bumps and bruises. Also possible are cuts and sprains and insect bites. Make sure to have a decent first aid kit around, just to be on the safe side. This should be made up of at least four categories of products: tools, meds, wound care, and fracture kit, all stored in a water-proof container. Swot up on your first aid for more assurance, should anything go wrong!

  1. Tyres

Change the on road tyres for a good set of all terrain or mud terrain off-road tyres suited to your vehicle. These will naturally provide better performance and hold up much better in an off-road situation. A professional tyre kit is also a must here, as is a spare tyre.

  1. Suspension
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Without a respectable suspension system, off road driving would be practically impossible to achieve. You not only get a smoother ride, but you will also achieve better clearance in uneven terrains, the flexibility to change the vehicle height for different conditions, plus more durability. In W. Australia and in need of professional 4WD suspension and accessories? Check out the experts at http://www.westcoastsuspension.com.au, quality guaranteed.

  1. Winch

A good winch is an absolute must for serious 4×4 off road adventurers! These are deemed lifesavers in many situations and with the kinds of situations that a 4 wheel drive vehicle can get into, it is almost without a doubt that you will get stuck at least once or twice during your travels. A winch can lift, push, and pull you out of trouble!

  1. Air Compressor

A reliable source of air is an absolute necessity for tyre repairs and adjusting off road tyre pressure. Tyres perform best when they’re set at a pressure that’s appropriate for the terrain. Motorway use calls for a high pressure rate, whereas lowering your air pressure will dramatically improve your 4×4’s traction in all off-road environments. Compressed air allows you the ability to easily adjust the tire inflation level of your 4WD to suit the conditions.

Go For It!

Taking your vehicle off-road is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on four wheels, so have a good one and have a fun, safe experience that you’ll look forward to repeating.