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Reasons Why You Should Have A Spray-On Coating On Your Roof

Seamless A roof coating system that is spray applied onto the roof spreads to create a monolithic membrane with no seams. The coating has a monolithic membrane with no joints or gaps. The coating will cover and waterproof the hard to reach areas such as drains, HVAC device, walls and anything else on the roof that can be hard to waterproof.

Installation is quick. Spray-on roof coating does not require you to tear off the roof. It is an easy task where you just spray the coating on the roof and you are done with the whole process. Spraying your roof eliminates the time and effort you would have used when you would have otherwise decided to replace it. Using spray-on coatings on your roof will offer resistance to early wash-off related to light rain or heavy dew during installations hence you can work on your roof even during the wet season.

Installation is quiet. having a new roof installed on your building can be very loud. It is hard to concentrate on other things when the machines being used to replace your roof are loud. Coating can also be a good alternative to replacing your roof if it looks old and ugly hence you end up avoiding all the noise. It is very peaceful to spray your roof. During the installation of a coating system on your roof, there will be no deafening noise since you will be spraying your roof. Because spray-on coatings do not have harmful ingredients or odors, you can go about your regular schedule while the contractors are spraying your roof.

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Due to the seamless and monolithic membrane, the spray-on coating on your roof will provide excellent waterproofing. Due to its flexibility, the spray -on coating can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This is essential because all roofs need to expand and contract. Roofs that do not have a coating system to protect them can eventually leak over time at the areas where they have holes and seams.

It is long lasting. If you want your roof to be durable, it is advisable to have a spray-on coating installed. They also lower maintenance costs in the long run as they act as a protective shield for your roof. Spray-on roof coatings have a positive impact on the environment since they do not lead to additional waste to the landfill sites. Without a proper form of protection for your roof like spray-on coating, you will end up using a lot of money to repair your roof or replace it altogether frequently. Spray-on coating systems have a long-lasting period of between ten to fifteen years after installation. By having your roof sprayed after every fifteen years, you are able to increase your roof’s reflectivity and renew it.

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