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Ready to Plan Your Trip? Motorcoach tours, the best motorcoach travel solutions. Public transportation is one important part that can not be separated from our everyday lives, especially those of you who work or travel. Public transport is the solution for us who want to travel without the use of private vehicles, as there may be constraints on our private vehicles. Public transportation is for you who can not ride a motorcycle, or does not have a personal vehicle. Public transportation is a public facility that is essential for the smooth variety of activities, trade, travel, or work.

Public transportation includes freight, bus, train, plane, or the type of vehicle that functioned as a tool for the community in carrying out its activities. It is appropriate that we as passengers with comfort and safety while riding public transportation, because of the convenience and security of passengers is a priority that must be observed by the provider and the passenger. With good service and good, there will be more people who are willing to ride public transportation. You can click motorcoach tours, for the best motorcoach travel solutions.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Tips Up Complete

But lately a lot of criminal behavior that occur on public transportation, such as rape (the woman), plunder, wanton, and other types of crimes that would interfere with your trip. With the number of cases of crime on public transport such as passenger definitely we become fearful and reluctant to ride public transportation. But basically, we as passengers can get around and minimize crime, especially to us in ways that are easy and simple.

On this occasion we will share tips on how to safely ride public transportation in order to reduce the risk of crime. Here are tips on safe riding public transportation:

1. Selective choose shuttles / buses
The first thing you should notice is selective in choosing and up the vehicle / public transport. Some things you should take note of public transport among other physical conditions of transport / bus should be good, vehicle number plates, route number and destination, the driver (must be in uniform and have ID card), there are lights inside. It’s very important for you to note because if the bus does not meet these requirements then you should not ride. If you need to record the number of public transport.

2. In dressed
When boarding public transport, should you as a passenger should avoid some things, such as strict dress and behavior could be minimal because the crime occurred because no stimulus / something fishing. Wear decent clothes and covered so as not to provoke the passions of those around you. In addition, do not wear or showing jewelry and luxury goods such as HP, gold necklaces, rings, earrings, because crime with economic motives also frequent.

3. Do not sleep in a public transport
Habits are hard to break by the passengers (especially those that get a seat) is sleeping in public transport. We recommend that you do not sleep in public transportation, because if you fall asleep in public transport then the chances of criminals to deceive you greater and easier. So keep your eyes to remain alert and vigilant in order not to fall asleep.

4. Be aware of the surrounding
Vigilant in public transport you must watch, because if you are not careful then you could be the next victim of crime. Beware and be selective in choosing a place to sit, try to sit down with people who behave well. Avoid sitting near a suspicious person, and if you feel and suspect someone strange gestures, immediately moved down from public transport. Make sure your bags and valuables are always under the supervision of your eyes, and should be placed in front (Hold).

5. Invite a friend in traveling
In traveling by public transport, you should not be alone, but accompanied by your best friend, because if you go alone then risk becoming a victim of crime will be greater. Invite a friend to accompany you, but if forced to be alone you must remain vigilant and cautious. Especially for women are most often the victims of crime in public transportation / public transportation. Try to travel during the day, and night.

In addition to external factors, crime is also determined by yourself. So you should pay attention to these tips when riding on public transportation in order to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. We know that crime is not just happening because there is no intention of the perpetrators, but also because there is a chance. Again, stay alert and cautious. Or you can click motorcoach tours, for the best motorcoach travel solutions.

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