Turn Your Yard Cars into Instant Cash

If you have a car sitting in your yard with some sort of headscratcher problem that no one knows how to fix, it is probably time to sell it. Many cars can turn into lemons virtually overnight. The myriads of possible problems can easily turn into infinite diagnostics and repairs that outweigh the value of the vehicle.

It is a symptom of our disposable society. The auto manufacturers create something called “planned obsolescence.” They will intentionally tweak some element of the engineering process to make it look like an unforeseen tragedy when a certain model falls apart at 50,000 miles. The next model will specifically address and fix this issue, so that an otherwise excellent-handling vehicle appears to be reliable again. The car company will pretend that they are working on the problem. This practice has been outlawed in some countries, because it is the equivalent of fraud. While each instance may be difficult to prove, we have seen the case of Volkswagen creating cheats in their computers to provide false readings during emissions testing.

It costs a billion dollars every time an auto manufacturer engineers a new model. A lot of the engineering is borrowed from other automakers and retrofitted to the application. Porsche is a perfect example. They borrowed the handling designs of the rack and pinion steering from Volkswagen for most models.

Volkswagen had intentionally created time-bombs when it released its first 1.8T engine. The oil sump was engineered to be too small for oil cooling to function properly. On top of this, the dealers were filling many of the turbos with conventional motor oil instead of the full synthetics turbos require. A few other auto manufacturers engineered similar obsolescence into their vehicles at this time. One might think it is a global trade conspiracy when we look at all the evidence. Which in fact it is, an open secret.

This is the top reason that people retain late model cars as clutter on their property, long after the cars stop working. They consider that it is just some easy fix and that they will be able to recoup the full value of their auto with one simple repair, when they get around to reading up on it. This is a delusion that has forced many municipalities to strictly enforce laws against storing uninsured and unregistered cars on the property. Before they start cracking down on your home, it is time to find a place that will buy cars for cash Chicago IL.

People have to come to grips with the fact that few garages even fix cars these days. The special tools and training required to fix the variety of models makes it unprofitable and impossible for even the best shops to keep up. The dealers themselves prefer doing basic maintenance, rather than wasting their time with large repairs that have all sorts of unpredictable factors. It is time for Americans to face the Truth and to look for reputable places in their area that will give them instant cash for their cars.