Two Exciting New Models Impress Australian Car Buyers of Very Different Kinds

Australians love to drive, and that is reflected well in the state of the domestic car market. While it might be thought that the relatively remote situation of Australia would work against the efforts of manufacturers to provide it with a wide range of vehicular options, they tend instead to accept the challenge gladly. As a result, Australians can every year look forward to the introduction of exciting new vehicles, and many do so as a matter of course. The most recent wave of new model introductions has been one of the most notable in some time, and that is truly saying something significant.

Luxury car maker Maserati, for example, has enjoyed a loyal following among well-heeled Australian buyers for quite some time. While Maserati is justifiably lauded as a designer and producer of high-performing coupes and sedans, its most recent Australian unveiling adopts a brand new approach to the market. Responding to the steadily growing demand among buyers for sport utility vehicles that also perform at a very high level, the manufacturer recently introduced its upcoming Levante to great acclaim.

While the new SUV sports a price tag right in line with Maserati’s usual positioning, it looks to offer quite a bit of value at that level in the bargain. Maserati’s legendary refinement of design and sophisticated approach to luxury are in ample evidence, with many who have driven the new car reporting it provides a truly elevated experience. All that is likely to help make the Levante one of the biggest Australian hits of the year in its segment, with many buyers already chomping at the bit to sign off on their own purchases.

Excitement like this, though, is not confined to the upper end of the market that makers like Maserati serve so well. Another impressive bit of news arrived not long ago as budget-focused manufacturer Kia unveiled its striking new GT. With a rear wheel drive layout that is sure to resonate with many Australian enthusiasts, the GT is a sport-oriented car that will deliver plenty of value of its own. As a result, car buyers all up and down on the market have a number of exciting new options to check out in Australia this year.