What to Know abut buying Tires and More

When you go to buy tires, it shouldn’t have to be a hassle. One good habit to get into is to understand the type of tires your car takes and how bad their tread is when it comes to replacement. For most people, buying tires is not high on their list. So when you’re thinking about buying some tires, it’s best to know which ones to choose. Making a poor choice can ultimately affect your car and bring about unexpected repairs. If you put the wrong tires on your car, you will hear constant whining and your sports car or pickup will not run as expected. When considering buying new tires for your old or new vehicle and understanding tires consider these options.

Your Current Tires

If you are happy the way your car handles and performs, then it’s best to buy the same type of tire model that you have. One reason is that your original tire fits well with your vehicle’s features and can often smooth over any weaknesses. If you’re quite satisfied with your vehicle, then choose tires that match the exact original that came with the car in the first place. Inform the clerk at the store that a close match isn’t good enough. When you decide to replace your tires, you may find that they can be highly expensive depending on on the brand. No two brands are the same. If you have a sporty car then different types of tires will go in this vehicle.

Tire life

The first thing you want to do is to figure out what condition your current tires are in. Your car’s tire life is highly important and plays a big role when you’re thinking about buying some new ones. Many conservative cars, sports or crossovers have high horsepower unmatched by mainly ultra-high-performance cars. As for today, many people have added more comfort and entertainment features to their vehicles which weighs them down. That said, depending on the type of car you have, it can take a huge toll on your tires over a period of time. You can find a tire store lincoln ne.

How to read your tire

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When you look at your specific tire, you will find that there is a code of numbers and letters. These all have a specific meaning when determining what type of tire matches your vehicle model. Here is a list of example descriptions per each letter or code on a tire.

P – Service Description
215 – Tire width
65 – Aspect ratio
R – Internal construction
15 – Rim diameter
95 – Load index
H – Speed rating

In addition to the above list, here is some other information you might find.

DOT code
This is the Department of Transportation’s way of tracking tire production when it comes to recall issues.

Maximum Air Pressure
Reflex the maximum amount of air you can put in your tire before it’s damaging.

Traction Rating
You will find this rating on the sidewall of most modern tires. It will either be a letter such as AA, A, B or C.